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Production database clones in seconds with masking and access control. For dev, test, reporting, ML, devops with SQL Server, Oracle, Azure SQL, Amazon RDS

Delivered in docker Oracle, SQL Server containers, Kubernetes, or instances

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Containers and databases

SQL Server and Oracle containers are isolated SQL Servers or Oracle servers running on a single machine that can be created or removed on demand. Windocks delivers Oracle database clones in docker Linux Oracle containers. For SQL Server, Windocks provides both the cloning and container technology. Windocks SQL Server containers for Windows and Azure SQL are an implementation of Docker's container project and are the only SQL Server containers available for Windows. Containers reduce VM sprawl and the cost of VMs.

Windocks SQL Server containers with database cloning are available for all versions and editions of SQL Server from SQL 2008 to 2019 and supports Agent, reporting services (SSRS), analysis services (SSAS) and integration services (SSIS). Oracle container support is available for Oracle 11 to 21

SQL Server  Oracle

Database cloning

Windocks delivers clones for any type or size of data in seconds. Deliver production database clones for SQL Server, Oracle, PostGre, MySQL. Use built-in Windocks cloning (based on standard technologies available for Windows and Linux) or proprietary storage systems (Pure Storage, Cohesity, NetApp, etc)

Implement, train, and validate ML models with clones of any type of data including SQL or no SQL databases, row/column data or visual data.

Windocks is the only solution that refreshes SQL Server databases with ongoing incremental updates (transaction log backups) and delivers writeable refreshed database clones. Work with current production data without requiring restores from full backups.


Database orchestration

Windocks database orchestration is a supervisory database control plane that co-ordinates database cloning, containerization, periodic production refresh, access control, masking, and script repositories to customize and deliver databases. It is needed for database operations at speed and scale for dev, test, reporting, ML, and devops. Orchestration removes the need for you to write or maintain code. You simply specify the databases needed and how to customize them and Windocks orchestration does the work for you. Windocks orchestration is an open system that allows you to use either built-in cloning, container, masking services from Windocks or solutions from others. Learn more about database orchestration

For example, Windocks orchestration co-ordinates proprietary volume cloning from Pure Storage, NetApp, Cohesity etc or database cloning from Windocks. Or Windocks orchestration works with built-in Windocks masking or higher-end solutions from Mentis, Curiosity or IRI. Similarly, Windocks delivers database clones in Windocks SQL Server containers or docker Oracle containers.


Video - SQL Server clones and containers with transaction log backups

Automatically refresh hourly with transaction log backups and deliver current production databases to SQL Servers, containers and Kubernetes applications

Video - Azure devops with SQL Server

Windocks delivers SQL Server containers with production database clones for Azure devops pipelines. Use Windocks to deploy production data environments for all your dev, test and staging environments.