Deliver data securely with Windocks, Docker SQL Server containers and Docker Windows

Production database cloning with data governance for SQL Server devops, reporting, and administration
Install in minutes, clone terabyte data in seconds

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Case study

Fortune 500 customer using Windocks for a Relational Data Service (RDS)

Case study
SQL Server database administrators

Database administrators

High-performance database cloning for all versions and editions of SQL Server 2008 onward on Windows Server 2012 R2 and Server 2016. Databases are automatically cloned with Windocks or SAN (Netapp, Pure, etc) and mounted to Docker SQL Server containers on Linux and Windows or to SQL Server instances on workstations and servers. For devops, continuous integration, development, test, reporting and business intelligence.


Leverage existing Docker investments with docker SQL Server containers

IT executives

Accelerate application development, improve quality of product, enhance data analysis and streamline management of global data. View dashboards of complex data environments and usage. Easily expand existing docker investments to SQL Server. Increase ROI on SAN investments such as Pure storage and NetApp with expanded use of SAN snapshots.



Consultants for SQL, devops, SAN

Partner with us to help your clients and your business. Refer or receive referrals, build solutions with Windocks, or bundle Windocks with your existing offerings. Modernize data operations for your clients while reducing their costs.


Containers easier than database copies and virtual machines


Windocks takes away the constant hassle for developers and testers to manually set up their own database environments on their machines or the cloud. While developers already have database environments set up, keeping them updated to the latest production data results in constant backup restores and file copies of MDF and NDF files across networks. Alternatively, developers use heavy-weight and more expensive VMs. Windocks removes this difficulty with database cloning and light-weight containers. Containers are much faster than VMs and environments can be stood up in seconds even for terabyte databases.


SQL Server devops with Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, Octopus


Windocks is an implementation of Docker's open source container project and your existing docker continuous integration (CI) work can easily be expanded using Windocks. Development, test, and staging environments for SQL Server with terabyte databases can be spun up in seconds from Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, Octopus and other orchestrators. Use Windocks with Kubernetes to deliver SQL Server databases quickly to Docker SQL Server Linux containers in a kubernetes cluster. Windocks containers work on Windows Server 2012 and Server 2016 for all SQL Server versions and editions from 2008 onwards. Windocks cloning delivers data clones into Windocks containers or Microsoft Docker SQL Server Containers with Docker Windows.


Data governance

Data governance

Implement immutable, auditable, data images stored in an enterprise repository for general data production regulation (GDPR), and other regulatory compliance. Automated data masking to remove or hide sensitive parts of production data before distribution of data environments for internal use. Audit logs for compliance.


Case study

Customer study on streamlining QA and devops with SQL Server containers

Whitepaper on leveraging storage infrastructure for cloud native applications with containers

Lift your storage infrastructure to a cloud native computing framework (CNCF) based on docker containers. Use your existing storage investments for SQL Server devops with enterprise data delivery, security, and management.


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See a 2 minute introduction to Windocks video.

Windocks cloning with Microsoft Docker SQL Server containers and Docker Windows

Windocks has an open architecture enabling Windocks database clones to be mounted automatically into Microsoft Docker SQL Server containers with Docker Windows. This is available only for the platforms supported by Microsoft - Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2017 Developer and Express editions. This is in addition to the SQL Server containers available from Windocks for Windows Server 2012 R2, Server 2016 and all versions of SQL Server (2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017) and all editions (Express, Developer, Standard, and Enterprise)

Industry leading affordability and simplicity

Windocks installs in minutes and provides SQL Server administrators with automated support for creating clonable data images, with built-in data security and privacy, at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

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