DevOps data repo for SQL Server, Oracle, Postgre, MySQL and more

Deploy production database clones to dev, test, staging environments in seconds. Use API, command line or self-service UI to mask and deliver data in Linux Oracle containers, Windows SQL Server containers, conventional database instances, or Kubernetes

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"....Windocks has evolved into an enterprise data delivery solution"

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Agile, DevOps data

Versioned, up-to-date, and secure data images are created on standard Linux and Windows servers, or on storage systems, for on demand data for development, test, DevOps pipelines, and other non-production needs.

Multi-database and multi-terabyte environments are delivered in seconds. Each is fully isolated and writable, but consumes only 40 MB on delivery.

Data environments are served via a self-service web UI, or REST API or command line and used by devops pipelines.

Reduce VM and storage sprawl

The DevOps data repo scales from a single server to a distributed cluster, with a unified management plane and API service. Servers support from 20 to 100 containers, allowing for an average 10-1 reduction in VMs used.

Virtualized data environments consume only 40 MB on delivery, for an average 95% reduction in storage costs.

Data security and governance

Centralized data security policies for data masking, encryption, and access controls are built into each image with a one-step image build.

Operations are recorded in a complete audit log for compliance reporting, audits, and SEIM system support. Image metadata is published for enterprise master data management, data hub, and other systems.


Containers are one of the types of environments in which database clones are delivered. The Windocks devops data repo delivers Oracle database clones in docker Linux Oracle containers. For SQL Server, Windocks provides both the cloning and container technology. Windocks SQL Server containers are an implementation of Docker's container project and are the only SQL Server containers available for Windows. Containers make it easy to create and tear down environments on a single machine. They reduce VM sprawl and the cost of VMs.

Windocks SQL Server containers with database cloning is available for all versions and editions of SQL Server from SQL 2008 to 2019 and supports Agent, reporting services (SSRS), analysis services (SSAS) and integration services (SSIS). Oracle container support is available for Oracle 11 onwards



Windocks delivers clones for any type or size of data in seconds. Deliver production database clones for SQL Server, Oracle, PostGre, MySQL. Use built-in Windocks cloning (based on standard technologies available for Windows and Linux) or existing storage systems (Pure Storage, Cohesity, NetApp, etc)

Implement, train, and validate ML models with clones of any type of data including SQL or no SQL databases, row/column data or visual data.

Windocks is the only solution that refreshes SQL Server databases with ongoing incremental updates (transaction log backups) and delivers writeable refreshed database clones. Work with current production data without requiring restores from full backups.



Windocks not only masks data but also delivers masked data securely. It is a complete application for sensitive data discovery, mask definition, repository of masked data, fast & secure delivery of masked database clones from the repository.

Windocks masking helps you comply with security standards by obfuscating PII data such as names, contact info, email, credit card information, and more.


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Gartner cool vendor

"....Windocks has evolved into an enterprise data delivery solution"

Bloor research

"Bloor research - Highly commended mutable award"

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SQL Server containers

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Automatically refresh hourly with transaction log backups and deliver current production databases to SQL Servers, containers and Kubernetes applications

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Windocks delivers SQL Server containers with production database clones for Azure devops pipelines. Use Windocks to deploy production data environments for all your dev, test and staging environments.


Industry leading affordability and simplicity

Windocks installs in minutes and provides teams with automated support for creating clonable data images, with built-in data security and privacy, at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

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