Cloud native SQL Server refresh and delivery anytime, anywhere

Refresh production snapshots in seconds with transaction log backups. Deliver clones to VMs, servers, docker SQL containers, Kubernetes, SSRS. Reduce data sprawl, computing and storage costs while increasing visibility, security and agility

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"....Windocks has evolved into an enterprise data delivery solution"

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SQL Refresh

SQL Server backup and restore processes are cumbersome and resource intensive. Windocks SQL Refresh updates secure production database snapshots in seconds with differential or transaction log backups, and delivers read/write database clones to any SQL Server environment, in seconds. Updates are incremental forever, which enables near real-time production data delivery. Users self-service with a web application or command line. Devops, testing, reporting, business intelligence and machine learning applications always run with current production data.


Cloud Native

Cloud native SQL Server support is practical with containers for all editions of SQL Server 2008 onward, on Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016, or 2019. Windocks supports all public or private clouds, on-premise machines, Windows or Linux docker SQL Server containers and Kubernetes clusters. Windocks also supports existing security policies with Active Directory and Windows Authentication. Orchestrate and deploy current production data and SQL Server containers using docker clients, Kubectl, Helm, Gitops, and REST APIs from Rancher, Azure Devops, AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins, Bamboo, Octopus and more. Windocks is easy to start with and can be deployed in minutes to see immediate ROI.


SSRS Containers

Windocks Sql Server Reporting Service (SSRS) containers work with SQL Servers running in SQL Azure, AWS RDS, any virtual machines on any cloud, and on-premise locations. All editions of SQL Server (Enterprise, Standard, Developer) are supported. Run SSRS containers with a web application or command line. Benefit from enhanced scalability, improved management, and savings in software, computing and storage.


Data and Business Ops

Data driven organizations don’t need another tool, but an integrated solution with built-in auditable security, dashboards and data agility, that delivers ROI. Windocks delivers immediate returns, while supporting existing enterprise systems and infrastructure. Team performance and collaboration is enhanced with dashboards on key performance metrics.


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Automatically refresh snapshots hourly with transaction log or differential backups and deliver current production databases to SQL Servers, containers and Kubernetes applications. Monitoring, security, and hourly restore points.

Azure devops with SQL Server

Windocks delivers SQL Server containers with production database clones for Azure devops pipelines. Use Windocks to deploy production data environments for all your QA and staging environments.

Devops with large SQL Server databases

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Windocks SQL clones for Microsoft Docker SQL Server containers on Linux

Windocks has an open architecture enabling Windocks database clones to be mounted automatically into Microsoft Docker SQL Server containers on Linux.


Industry leading affordability and simplicity

Windocks installs in minutes and provides SQL Server administrators with automated support for creating clonable data images, with built-in data security and privacy, at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

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