Windocks is pleased to respond to requests for a bundle that combines database cloning with static SQL Server masking. A complete database masking and automation solution, Windocks automates data discovery and mask generation, and implementation into a secure database image. Images deliver cloned masked database environments in seconds, for SQL Server containers and conventional instances.

Just as Windocks database cloning delivers a host of benefits over Red Gate SQL Clone, Windocks data masking delivers distinct advantages over Red Gate Data Masker. Learn why over 90% of Windocks evaluators choose this new bundle.

Automated data discovery and mask generation

Efficient data masking begins with an integrated PII data discovery. Windocks data masking scans and identifyies sensitive data, and proposes a complete set of column masks. The proposed masks can be individually edited, or exported into the data masking project, where they can be reviewed and updated.

Red Gate data discovery is accomplished with a separate product, that offers little to no integration with Data Masker.

Deterministic and consistent masking

Windocks masking is deterministic, with consistent masking across databases by default. This ensures that each mask generated across multiple databases will apply consistent values.

Red Gate masking determinism is a complex undertaking and not included by default. See this..

Preserve improperly formatted data

Windocks data masking also detects row level data that doesn’t conform to the expected format. A credit card field that begins with a numeral 9 will be recognized as an improper data format. Most data masking solutions naively overwrite all data within the column, while Windocks identifies these data elements, and preserves them. This better supports developers and testers with the opportunity to identify these errors and fix them.

Red Gate Data Masker overwrites improperly formatted fields.

Flexible, automated mask ordering

Windocks data masking includes robust options for masking serial numbers, emails, and other string data. SQL syntax can be used to format emails, and string level masking can preserve data distribution on domain names, top level domain names, and other attributes. An example of the flexibility is shown below.


In addition to preserving data elements within a field, Windocks also automates the order that masks are applied. Automated ordering stands in contrast with other solutions where the user is expected to manage the order masks are applied.

Masking speed

Native SQL Server libraries are optionally used to speed up normal data masking processes by over 10x other platforms. Windocks data masking is among the fastest masking engines available for SQL Server.

Masked databases with built in role based access controls

Windocks masking is built into a clonable database image with a dockerfile that can include user and group level access controls. In the dockerfile below an image is defined with SQL Server 2016 and includes two authorized groups, dev and test1. Only users that belong to these two groups will be given access to the resulting image.


The dockerfile restores the SAM user database from a full backup, and then applies the data mask to the database using the runmask batch file, which is edited to reflect the file path of the data mask. Windocks dockerfiles support as many databases as needed, along with data masking projects. The result is a secure, masked database environment that is only accessible by the authorized users and groups.

Price: ~30% less than Red Gate!

Windocks is preferred by over 90% of Windocks evaluators over Red Gate SQL Provision, driven by more complete data masking and more powerful database cloning. The choice is further simplified by the fact that Windocks is also dramatically less expensive.


Interested? Take Windocks on a free test drive!

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