We are pleased to announce the first update to WinDocks since the initial release this March. WinDocks version 1.04 is now shipping as the downloadable Community Edition, and for all monthly pay-as-you-go subscribers.

To upgrade an existing WinDocks system, simply “Cntr C” (to stop) the WinDocks daemon, and install the upgrade. The upgrade takes just a few seconds, and once complete you can simply restart the WinDocks daemon and resume your work. We recommend containers, images, and dockerfiles be backed up prior to upgrading.

If you have a Pay-as-you-go subscription, and haven’t already heard from us, contact us at support@windocks.com to get the appropriate upgrade package.

A new Windows Image for Java, Node.js, Nginx, and other executables

WinDocks 1.04 includes a new base “Windows” image to support container-ready executables. A collection of “ready to run” dockerfiles and folders is included in the install package (see \WinDocks\samples directory). Here is a quick look at the Tomcat folder and dockerfile:

Java Image 1 650 x 260

Containers are built with a Powershell script included that maps the server port to the container port. In the example below we build a new container based on a custom saved image we created called Tomcat1:

Java Image 4 650 x 220

Environment Variables, Container Names, Port Assignments, and SQL Server Script support

In addition to the new Windows image, WinDocks 1.04 includes Environment Variable support, port assignment, container naming, and support for SQL Server scripts during container builds (intended to simplify use of backups, and other build time requirements). We also have a new Jenkins Build plugin, and are looking for feedback on it’s use.

Join the Continuous Integration Interest Group

We’ve had a lot of requests for assistance in incorporating containers into a Continuous Integration process. Much of the work involved in the WinDocks 1.04 release was geared to make containers work better for CI process.

If you’re interested to explore the use of containers for Continuous Integration, we invite you to join us. We plan to document the setup, best practices, scripts, and other tools that will be helpful.

Interested? Email us at support@windocks.com and include "CI Interest Group" in the subject line.

Explore the Use of Windows Containers!

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