Data management is a growing challenge with expanding volumes of data, on increasingly diverse data platforms, often divided between enterprise and cloud storage. Automating infrastructure via Infrastructure-as-code is failing to keep pace for many organizations, and smart enterprises seek a higher-level of abstraction or database control plane. Windocks database orchestration addresses these challenges with code-free, user-specified database environments that abstract infrastructure.

Oracle, SQL Server, and other databases are specified in plain-text Dockerfiles, with data sourced from native and third party backups, database files, and storage systems. Enterprise security policies are applied, including user and group access controls, data masking, data quality, encryption, GitOps, and other needs. The resulting secure database environments are delivered on demand for use with containers, Kubernetes, and conventional instances, customized to meet varied business needs in development, test, machine learning, and other uses.


Database cloning, containers, and orchestration

Provisioning production-like databases is time consuming, and commonly represents a “data bottleneck.” On demand databases, however, are achievable with database cloning on Linux and Windows servers. Database clones are served in seconds to either containers or conventional instances, using virtually no incremental storage. Containers are preferred over instances, with up to 50 containers on a single server allowing for fewer VMs needed.

Database clones are served from images specified with plain text Dockerfiles, and include user/group access controls, data masking, encryption, data quality, and Git operations. Customized “configured” environments alleviate the need for custom scripts and coding.

Database orchestration is a supervisory service needed for database operations at speed and scale. One or several Windows and Linux servers are managed along with storage operations, database state, data masking and security policies, and audit logs and dashboards. Database orchestration, or also database control plane, enables a scalable enterprise DevOps data repository, with databases as first-class DevOps artifacts.

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