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Data on demand

Windocks has been helping organizations with their data operations since 2015. Our unique patent pending technology treats data and database services as artifacts so they can be easily reproduced and delivered on demand in seconds. This unique technology delivers always current production data clones to SQL Server containers or instances by using transaction log backups to avoid constantly restoring full backups.

Our goal is to make it easy to start with Windocks and integrate it into existing data environments with storage systems (SANs). To that end, we offer a free community edition, no-cost supported pilots on our enterprise edition, a pay as you go model, and out-of-the-box integration with storage systems such as NetApp, Pure Storage, Cohesity and others.

We are a team with deep database and devops expertise on Microsoft and Linux systems on all cloud services and on-prem. Our team has collectively helped hundreds of customers succeed with various software solutions over dozens of years.

Executive Team

Ramesh Parameswaran

Founder and CEO

Ramesh is the founder and chief technical architect of Windocks. At Microsoft he led teams and efforts for cross-platform and Internet technologies such as Unix shell on Windows, POSIX, UNIX Internet Explorer, Windows VPN. He founded Askme.com which became one of the top 100 websites in the world by user traffic. He also founded Nirvaha Corp which provided Software as a service for billings and sales commissions.

Paul Stanton

Founder and Vice President, Product Management

Paul joined Microsoft in 1990, and led strategies to bring Internet technologies and standards to Windows, including routing protocols, and multi-user Windows, and left Microsoft as the Director of Enterprise marketing in 1999. More recently, Paul has focused on Platform as a Service and containerization, and led Windocks as the first and only independent port of Docker’s container project to Windows. Paul subsequently led Windocks to another industry-first, combining SQL Server containers with database cloning, with support for any enterprise storage array. Paul is a recognized expert, author, and speaker on enterprise use of stateful containers with database cloning, and Devops.

Robert Amenn

Director, Engineering

Robert is a 20 year veteran of the software industry, having built scaleable software applications for companies such as RealNetworks and Microsoft. More recently, Robert has been providing his expertise on Microsoft server side technologies and managing offshore teams to clients interested in shipping modern scaleable applications on Windows.

Board Members and Investors

Geoff Entress

Geoff is a Venture Partner with Voyager Capital, and an active investor in Pacific Northwest technology companies. He serves on a board of Windocks, Drugstore.com, Judy’s Book, and Sandlot Games, and has a track record of success venture exits. Geoff also serves in leadership of the Alliance of Angels, the Advisory Board for the University of Washington Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the Center of Entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University.

Scott Oki

A former Senior Vice President of Microsoft, founder of Oki Developments, Inc., and the Oki Foundation, a nonprofit foundation focused on philanthropic activities. Scott sits on several advisory boards and boards of directors for both profit and non-profit companies.

Open positions

Business development representative

This part-time position (can be remote anywhere in the United States). Email your resume to careers@windocks.com.

Responsibilities include:

  • Identify prospective customers online
  • Connect with prospective customers, authentically understand their data needs to see if there is a fit
  • Offer authentic solutions to their needs
  • Transition prospective customes with a fit to evaluations
Requirements include:
  • This is an entry level position. Relaunchers are also welcome to apply
  • Authentic desire to discover a customer's needs and identify fit
  • Excellent English communication skills (verbal and email)
  • Diligence with requests and follow-ups

Social media manager

This is a part-time position (can be remote anywhere in the United States). Email your resume to careers@windocks.com.

Responsibilities include:

  • Track relevant online social media groups and websites
  • Respond to relevant queries, offer content valuable to online groups
  • Connect with bloggers, website owners for partnerships
  • Identify requirements for blogs and new content based on social media group activity
Requirements include:
  • This is an entry level position. Relaunchers are also welcome to apply
  • Authentic desire to be helpful to a community and respect its guidelines
  • Excellent English written communication skills
  • Diligence with reporting and summarizing
  • Desire to learn technology

Technical support representative

Email your resume to careers@windocks.com.

Responsibilities include:

  • Working with customers to support installation and demonstrations
  • Online support calls with customers to identify and unblock them on technical issues
  • Championing any customer issues with engineering
  • Test releases for customer specific issues
Requirements include:
  • 3 years experience in a similar role
  • Informal or formal Computer Science education (certificate courses welcome)
  • Experience with docker, Kubernetes, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres preferred
  • Desire to learn and improve


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