Take control of data with secure, auditable data images and repository for data governance and regulatory compliance

Data management with Windocks SQL Server containers, docker Windows and data clones

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Data images are portable and run in the cloud or on premise, with immediate delivery for Dev/Test, Reporting/BI, and other uses. Rich meta-data for enterprise data catalogs

Data images

Data imaging

Immutable, versioned and auditable images provide a controlled way to distribute data inside an organization

Secure data


Security, privacy, and encryption are built-in to the data workflow, addressing the full organization needs, and enhancing data governance

Whitepaper on data governance

Download the Windocks Whitepaper on Enterprise Data Governance and Delivery. The whitepaper explains how Windocks works, and compares to competitive solutions. Learn how hundreds of organizations are modernizing use of SQL Server data, while reducing operational costs, and implementing modern Data Governance and Regulatory Compliance.

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