Get production database environments quickly with a single click

Use your SQL Server instance, Windocks or Docker SQL Server containers with Docker Windows

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Self service data in Docker SQL Server containers with Docker Windows

One click, self-service data

  • Windocks provides one-click (one-touch) self-service database environments in SQL Server instances, Windocks or Docker SQL Server containers with Docker Windows
  • Get daily production database environments with multiple databases when you need it with a single click on your desktop or a single touch on your phone or tablet
  • One click from the Windocks web application or from CICD tools such as Jenkins, Octopus, Teamcity and more

Improve product quality

Product quality

  • Internal development teams working with production data results in higher release quality and fewer hotfixes
  • With test and staging using production data, bugs are caught earlier in integration testing and fixed before deploying to production

Command line Docker SQL Server containers

Command line and scriptability

  • Windocks and Docker SQL Server containers can be created and managed with Windows command line and powershell scripts
  • Windocks also supports creation of .Net, Java, NodeJs and other containers
  • Container output can be parsed with scripts in order to automate management of containers and deploy full blown applications
  • Scripting can be used to orchestrate continuous integration from tools such as Jenkins, TeamCity, Octopus and more


Continuous integration

  • Windocks containers can be spun up with scripts from continuous integration (CI) orchestrators such as Jenkins, Octopus, TeamCity, Bamboo and more
  • Your existing continuous integration investments using docker on Linux can be easily expanded to include Windows and SQL Server because Windocks is an implementation of Docker's open source project
  • With the Windocks Jenkins plugin and scripts, you can spin up test, staging and production environments easily as part of a Jenkins build
  • Windocks clones are deployed automatically into Microsoft Docker SQL Server containers with Docker Windows

Multiple SQL Server containers

Multiple data environments for a single developer

  • Developers can use multiple database environments from the same application
  • Develop on different code branches and production hot fixes
  • Windocks SQL Server containers can be deployed on specific ports with pre-determined passwords so that application configurations can stay the same

All networks

LAN, SAN and Cloud

  • Windocks delivers data clones residing on a local area network (LAN)
  • Windocks automatically mounts storage area network (SAN) based database snapshots from products such as NetApp Snapcenter and Snapclone, Dell EqualLogic, Pure Storage and others onto Windocks or Docker SQL Server containers with Docker Windows containers
  • By running the Windocks service on a cloud VM, Windocks delivers data clones and containers on the cloud

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