On demand production data devops

SQL server devops

Refresh dev, test, and staging environments with always up to date production data, in seconds. Multi-database images are updated with transaction log backups, forever, and deliver writable live secondary databases on demand. Images can include security with data masking and encryption, and application of scripts from a git repository. Manage workflows with restful APIs, command line, docker clients, and kubectl. Support Continuous Integration pipelines with Azure Devops, Jenkins, and other continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) solutions

SQL Server devops

Secure image repo

A secure image repo containing a set of production databases, masking scripts, and encryption/decryption (TDE and third party) scripts is defined with a dockerfile. Once the image is built, it is kept up-to-date automatically with production transaction log backups. Live secondaries are delivered on demand from the image

Live secondaries SQL Server

Live secondaries

Deliver secure writeable live secondary databases in seconds using command line, docker clients, REST API or a user interface. Deploy live secondaries with masked data to dev, test, and staging environments. The secondaries can be SQL Server containers or SQL Server instances

Git and SQL Server containers

Scripts from Git repos

Build an image with a dockerfile that clones a git repo containing scripts for upgrades, rollbacks, or testing. Deliver live secondaries and specify the scripts to be applied. For example, deploy a live secondary to staging by applying upgrade scripts to the current production database. Or deploy a live secondary to a test environment for rollback testing by applying the upgrade and rollback scripts

docker SQL Server

Docker SQL containers

Work with docker SQL Server containers or conventional instances. Automate deployments with restful APIs or docker clients from Azure Devops, Jenkins, Bamboo or other orchestrators

docker SQL Server

Live secondaries for Kubernetes deployments

Deliver data from live secondaries via the Windocks SQL proxy to Kubernetes applications. The SQL proxy manages the lifecycle of the live secondaries and current production data is available to Kubernetes deployments

docker SQL Server


Windocks live secondaries provide savings in storage, CPU time and VMs. Windocks SQL Server containers run on a single VM reducing the costs of VMs and licensing. The secondaries are differencing disks and each secondary only takes a few MB of storage no matter how big the databases. Windocks live secondaries remove the need for backup aand restores

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