SQL Server devops with TeamCity, Bamboo, Jenkins Windows and other continuous integration tools

Spin up test, staging, production environments with SQL Server containers

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SQL Server devops with Jenkins Windows

SQL Server devops with Jenkins Windows, CI tools

  • Use scripts from continuous integration tools such as Octopus, TeamCity, Bamboo to spin up Windocks or Docker SQL Server containers
  • Use the Windocks Jenkins plugin to spin up Windocks containers from the Jenkins UI
  • Existing continuous integration (CI) investments using docker can be easily expanded to include Windows and SQL Server because Windocks is an implementation of Docker's open source container project


Command line and scriptability

  • SQL Server containers can be created and managed with Windows command line and powershell scripts
  • Windocks containers can also be managed with docker compatible REST APIs
  • Windocks also supports creation of .Net, Java, NodeJs and other containers
  • Container output can be parsed with scripts in order to automate management of containers and deploy full stack applications
  • Scripting can be used to orchestrate continuous integration from tools such as Jenkins, TeamCity, Octopus, Bamboo and more

SQL Server devops with NetApp, Dell EqualLogic, Pure Storage

Works with existing investments

  • Windocks is the first implementation of Docker Inc's open source container project on Windows. Your existing investments in docker can easily be expanded to include Windows and SQL Server
  • Windocks SQL Server containers work with SAN based database snapshot and copy-data solutions. If you already use such a system (examples: NetApp, Dell EqualLogic, Pure Storage), Windocks automatically mounts database snapshots into containers as part of a CI build
  • Windocks supports creation of .Net, java, NodeJs and other application containers, letting you deploy full stack applications as part of your CI process.

Continuous integration example

View blog about a continuous integration case study with a .Net application, SQL Server on Amazon web services.


Download the Windocks free Community edition and try it for yourself. It is easy to install and start with.