How it works

Remote team collaboration for SQL Server with security and savings in storage & VMs

  • Delivers 50 or more isolated, identical, and secure database environments in seconds on a single Windows server
  • Developers, testers, and devops teams work on a shared secure server that delivers SQL Server containers and database clones
  • Reproducing bugs across team members is as simple as running a test on a fresh identical environment. Identical SQL scripts also can be run automatically as part of environment delivery
  • Security is achieved with data and database images residing on a single server with built in data masking and encryption, and Git based scripts. Windocks supports existing infrastructure such as Active Directory and Windows Authentication.
  • Windocks supports all releases and editions of SQL Server 2008 to 2019, including the DB engine, Reporting, Analysis, Integration, and SQL Agent services
  • A 4 v-core Windows server supports 20 simultaneous SQL Server containers (named instances) on a single VM. Each database clone requires only 40 MB of storage no matter how big the database (using VHDX cloning). This commonly results in a 70% reduction in VM sprawl, storage and license costs.

Remote SQL Server
  • Build - One-time image build with full backup (No full backups after this)
  • Refresh - Image databases are automatically refreshed periodically with production transaction log backups forever
  • Deliver live secondaries for devops, debugging, testing - SQL Server containers (SQL 2008 to 2019) with current production database clones and masking, upgrade, rollback scripts from a git repo applied automatically. Use command line, docker clients, REST API or user interface to deploy to dev, test, staging environments
  • Deliver live secondaries for production support - Current production data on-demand in seconds for SQL Server instances for Blue/green deployments, migrations, rollbacks and secondary site disaster recovery
  • Monitor - View dashboards for current production data time lags, last applied log sequence numbers (LSNs), savings in storage, compute and licenses

Product screenshots

SQL refresh
SQL refresh

SQL refresh


SQL refresh

Download the free community edition for full backup only images or request a free trial edition for transaction log refreshes and dashboards

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