Secure, self service data environments and dashboards with SQL Server containers and Docker Windows

For devops, test, data scientists and continuous integration

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Improve quality with using SQL Server and Docker Windows containers


Development teams work with production data, leading to better quality and fewer hotfixes. View and manage database related testing with Windocks dashboards.

Use existing docker investments

Works with existing investments

Windocks works with enterprise storage systems such as Netapp and others, simplifying use of snapshots. DBAs can also build Windows based database clones, and deliver data to Windocks SQL Server containers as well as Microsoft’s Docker Windows containers

Secure data


Windocks ensures that data is securely provided to data consumers using a secure workflow with data imaging. Sensitive data from production is masked before imaging. There is no longer a concern with data backups files lying around on different machines

Clone data

Data clones

Deliver data in seconds, with full read/write support, using minimal storage

Support for Docker Windows containers


Spin up and tear down data environments quickly using SQL Server containers and Docker Windows containers.

Images with data

Data imaging

Immutable, versioned and auditable images support fast delivery of data through database cloning.


Return on investment

Teams simplify ops with fewer VMs and storage. Savings generate a positive return in the first month

CICD with SQL Server containers and Docker Windows

Continuous integration

Orchestrate multi-tier app testing, including .NET, Java, with SQL Server back-ends

Data governance

Data governance and compliance

Windocks builds secure data governance into the data image, with auditable images and data repositories, for enhanced governance and Regulatory Compliance. Data images include security and privacy from inception, providing compliance by default and by design

Whitepaper on leveraging storage infrastructure for cloud native applications with containers

Lift your storage infrastructure to a cloud native computing framework (CNCF) based on docker containers. Use your existing storage investments for SQL Server devops with enterprise data delivery, security, and management.

Whitepaper on data governance

Download the Windocks Whitepaper on Enterprise Data Governance and Delivery. The whitepaper explains how Windocks works, and compares to competitive solutions. Learn how hundreds of organizations are modernizing use of SQL Server data, while reducing operational costs, and implementing modern Data Governance and Regulatory Compliance.


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