Partner with Windocks

Increase engagement with your clients by modernizing their data operations while reducing their costs
  • SQL Server consultants: The opportunity is to engage with your clients on modernizing the management and delivery of SQL Server databases. Partner with us to set up systems by which clients can clone production databases and securely deliver it to a variety of containers and instances on servers and workstations.
  • Storage area network (SAN) consultants: Windocks partners with well known SAN vendors such as Netapp and Pure Storage. You can increase ROI for your clients on their SAN systems by expanding the use of the SAN systems to deliver databases automatically to Docker SQL Server containers and instances and Kubernetes clusters.
  • Devops consultants: Windocks brings databases into continuous integration and deployment. Devops consultants partner with us to deliver solutions to clients that clone and deliver large databases into docker containers and Kubernetes clusters.

Are you a consultant for SQL Server, SAN or devops?



  • Refer clients to Windocks or our partners
  • Receive referrals from the Windocks partner network



  • Build turn key solutions based on Windocks for your clients to modernize their data operations
  • Resell Windocks as part of your turn key solutions



  • Incorporate Windocks into your existing offerings
  • Modernize your database, SAN or devops offerings using Windocks containers based on Docker Inc's container technology

Download the Windocks free Community edition and try it for yourself. It is easy to install and start with.