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What is Windocks?

  • Launched in 2016, Windocks is an independent port of Docker's open source to Windows that features container support for all editions of SQL Server 2008 onwards.
  • An enterprise database cloning and data delivery solution, Windocks supports use of storage arrays, cloud, and Windows Virtual Hard Drives. Secure delivery of production database clones is supported for both SQL Server containers and conventional instances.

The combination of SQL Server containers with secure production database clones enables delivery of secure multi-terabyte database environments in seconds, to support modern CI/CD pipelines, with Git, Azure DevOps and other tools.

Windocks support for SSRS containers is growing for new approaches to SSRS scale-out, and support for the public cloud.

Scalable SSRS for SQL Azure & AWS RDS

Learn how SSRS Containers with database clones facilitate new approaches to SSRS scale-out

SSRS containers

Download the free Windocks Community Edition here:


Learn how to install and configure a Windocks Server


Install and Configure a Windocks Server

Windocks can be installed on Windows Server 2012 r2 or Server 2016, as well as Windows 8.1 or 10, Pro or Enterprise editions, and runs on any public cloud or on-premise infrastructure.

SQL Server database cloning

Database clones can scale from a single database to deliver environments with up to 50 or more databases, and multi-terabyte environments. Clones are delivered in seconds, occupy <40 MB on delivery, and support read/write operation. Windocks supports the creation of clones using any enterprise storage array, or from SQL Server database files and backups.

Learn how to use SQL Server backups to build clonable database images


Windocks provides built-in support for creating and managing database cloning with Pure Storage arrays

Pure Storage

Financial: SQL DevOps for John Hancock


Healthcare: claims processing


Integrated automotive retailing


IT consultants: dbi services


Case Studies in Modernizing DevOps

See how Fortune 500 companies use cutting-edge DevOps processes to increase operational efficiency and return on investment. Reduction of license and VM cost and complexity provide benefits across industries, including Finance, Healthcare, and Retail.

Azure DevOps and Continuous Integration

Windocks enables organizations to modernize SQL Server development, with containers and secure production database clones incorporated into Azure DevOps automated pipelines.

SQL Server containers yield speed and efficiency when used with database clones as part of an Azure DevOps pipeline

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Manage SQL Server migration scripts with Git and PowerShell


Download a multi-stage SQL Server container Azure DevOps YAML file, and set up your own Azure DevOps SQL Server pipeline

DevOps YAML dl

Learn how SQL Server database development is managed as code


Apply SQL Server scripts to support Column-level encryption with secure credentials


Learn how WIndocks addresses the security concerns raised in the NIST 800-190 report


SQL Server scripts are applied to support Transparent Data Encryption


Scripts are applied at build-time and at run-time to address database and instance-level configurations

SQL Server Scripts

Building security into containers and database clones

Windocks SQL Server containers are created by cloning a locally installed SQL Server instance, avoiding the security risks associated with public Docker image repos. Windocks SQL Server containers inherit the security configurations of the cloned instance, and are fully installed named SQL Server instances. This approach preserves the benefits of proven enterprise security and SQL Server namespace isolation, while enabling the speed and flexibility of a container based workflow.